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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Maddalena Islands Camping Adventure...

Sea Kayaking Excursions in Sardinia...

I love winter here in Sardinia! I work as a kayak guide on this extraordinary coastline but I tend to only get work from April to October. So in the winter I have to opportunity to kayak just for myself and explore the places I love best! This is what led me to Palau on the 27th of December for a paddle around the Maddalena Islands on the North East of Sardinia.
Despite being late December the weather was extraordinary! I have been working here in Sardinia for three years now but this is my first winter here and I'm loving how good the weather is as opposed to my native Wales!
From Palau I follow the coast to the lighthouse at Punta Sardegna before heading offshore to the Island of Spargi.
On arrival I'm immediately surrounded by the amazing rock formations that make this such a special place for me!
I stop on a lovely beach that I know after paddling an hour and twenty minutes from Palau.
Amazingly I'm greeted by a Cinghiale, a very rare and privileged experience!
From Isola di Spargi I paddle North and head for the Island of Budelli for my first nights camp.
In the morning I (above) I look towards Corsica and see beautiful cloud formations over the mountains in the pre dawn light.
My camp spot is a little piece of Paradise!
I'm up early as I plan to kayak around both Budelli and Isola di Razzoli today, as well as the small islands East of Santa Maria. There's a map at the end of this post :)
Isola di Razzoli has some quite incredible rock formations that are a joy to see! And from the lighthouse (above) your only about two hours kayaking from the Corsican Island of Lavezzi and from there close to mainland Corsica.
I climb a hill on Isola di Razzoli to look at view and where my route will take me next. Above, I'm looking East towards Isola Santa Maria and behind that Isolotti Barrettinelli di Fuori, Isolotti Corcelli, Isola Piana, Isola Barrettinelli, Isolotti Barrettinelli and in the far distance Isola La Maddalena. Its a playground out here, it really is!!!
Looking down at my parked kayak :)
Here I have reached the tiny rock of Isolotti Barrettinelli di Fuori.
Later that day I reach the stunning Isola Giardinelli. It's actually part of the main island of La Maddalena, joined by a very short bridge.
It's a spectacular place to camp with views of Isola di Caprera just over a kilometre away.
I had a peaceful night but found it strange as I could see the lights of Maddalena n the distance. I also saw footprints in the sand that told me that a Cinghiale came very close to my tent as I slept!
I packed very early, keen to get back in my kayak and paddle the calm sea's.

From my camp I paddled across to Caprera and along the Island to Punta Coda to start my crossing back to the mainland at Capo Dorso (Above).
Capo Dorso has some very striking rock formation that are wonderful to explore in a kayak. From the lighthouse it is just a short paddle back to Palau and my car but I take my time and make the most of it!
So here is a map of my route. It's not a huge trip but I started at midday on the 27th of December and finished at midday on the 29th. Not to mention had a wonderful time which is the point after all :)
Till next time!
Sea Kayaking Excursions in Sardinia...

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