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Sunday 22 December 2013

No Rest For The Wicked...

Hmmm, crappy weather according to the Met Office though their timings were out yesterday, looked like Cardiff Bay was to be the venue for todays paddle. I cant say I was too keen especially when Chris mention the 09:30AM start time! I've been getting up at 06:30 all week for work & was looking forward to a bit more time in bed!
I did fancy a paddle with my mates again though so I persuaded myself to get out of bed despite the rain hammering on my campervan roof. I arrived at Channel View at 09:30 to meet Chris, Sean, Stu, Pete & Blaine (who I've not met before). Simon was there too to give everyone some beer, walnuts for me though as I don't drink :) He wasn't paddling today though.
We chose to paddle up the River Taff which was interesting against the current with the river in flood. It was proving hard work!
There's always one!

We went a little past the Millenium Stadium but the current was getting quite strong now, time to head back for the Bay.
The sun was blinding on the way there but all that was soon to change!

Here comes the rain
And hailstones too!

A bit of hiding was required.

Before making our way across the Bay & back to the cars tired & hungary. I was finding myself dreaming of a handful of Simons nuts by this point :s
Great to get on the water with the misfits again, a good morning on the water :)