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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Last Minute Island Hop...

Not a planned paddle this, I was chilling at St Brides Haven preparing for a lazy day when a familiar face turns up with a kayak on the roof of his car, it was Steve Bunston & he'd brought some mates too of which only Neil I knew.
Turns out they were headed for Skomer & I was tempted to join them so I did :)
We left St Brides Haven early'ish & onto glassy sea's. I had no time to plan anything & was loving taking a back seat leaving Steves planning to lead the way.
We enjoyed some gentle rock-hopping en route to Jack sound.

Making the crossing to Skomer. Couldn't be calmer out here & certainly no drama.

A quick discussion to discuss Steves tidal planning.
Only kidding ;)
Approaching the Mew Stone at South Haven.
Steve looking grumpy?

Razorbills & Guillimots.
A Compass Jellyfish.

Steve still looking grumpy???
Despite the Puffins.

Break time at North Haven.
With a Motley Crue.

A gentle paddle back to end a fab & unexpected day out & only my second circumnav of Skomer.
Cheers Steve ;)

Evening At The Stacks...

After a very fab day walking around Martins Haven admiring both the wildlife & the scenery I still felt I could show Carly something pretty special in the evening too so a paddle to Stack Rocks in St Brides bay in the last hours of light was certainly on the cards :)
We set off from St brides Bay an hour before sunset.
The light was gorgeous & so too was my lady ;)
We made straight from the rocks.
Leaving the mainland behind though not far behind, Stack Rocks are only a mile & half out so ideal for novice paddlers seeking adventure.
A reflective moment.
nearly there.
The light was looking great with barely a ripple to break the surface.
We made our way through the islets exploring as we went & enjoying the wildlife which included a Peregrin Falcon.

There were numerous Gull chicks & being islanders were unfamiliar with humans & totally unafraid.
We evan found an archway :)

As the sun left the the horizon we too left the rocks to their solitude & headed back to the mainland very satisfied with our adventures :)

Leave Only Scars...

Part three in my mission to show the girlfriend some fab sights in Pembrokeshire so I took her to Solva to experience Green Scar & Black Scar.
Again the weather was unseasonable perfect?

More Jelly's to spot. I think this is a Lions Mane though without the distinctive red colouring?

A Blue Jellyfish.
The Scars come into view.
But we explore the caves first.

Before heading out to the Scars.

Time for some cheesiness at Green Scar.
And some posing too :)

The first local we spotted.
Then onto Black Scar.
Looking at more Jelly's en-route.
More locals were surrounding us. I was glad to see them as Seals were high on Carlys list of animals to see.

Then finally we made our way to a quiet beach I know of behind this archway for a quiet lunch-stop :)

Perfect location :)
This fab critter came to say Hi.
We paddled back about an hour later & headed to Strumble for the night in Myvanwy.
We sat on the cliffs watching a perfect sunset with Dolphins breaching in the turbulent currents.
Not a bad spot for the night :)
My hot lady looking cheesy :)