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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Ceufad (Canoe Wales) Magazine, Sentinels Of The Severn Article...

Another article I wrote was this one about the wonderful Islands of the Severn sea, lost amidst the second highest tidal range in the World.

Please click on the images to view ;)

Ceufad (Canoe Wales) Magazine, Around Wales Expedition Article...

Back in 2011 I paddled the beautiful Welsh coastline & subsequently wrote an article about it for Ceufad, the BCU Canoe Wales magazine. So for those of you who missed it I've attached it below ;)

Please click on the images to view...

Sunday 20 January 2013

Holm Is Where The Heart Is...

I knew Stuart would choose a naff blog title AGAIN! for his blog post using the play on words with the word Holm so I thought I'd out gimp him :)

Simple plan this one, 'lets get out to the Holm Islands in the snow'.
I arranged to meet Stuart At Sully for the day & Gareth & Andrew from the Sea Kayak Cymru FB page were coming too. They are both virgins to Flat Holm & Steep Holm.

I dusted the cobwebs off the Nordkapp for this trip & the snow too which took a little more persuasion to remove.
Leaving Sully we got about half a mile out & Andrew (who I didn't get pics of) decided his Nordy was a little twitchy & decided to call it a day. We escorted him back to Sully, had a quick conference & decided to scrap Steep holm & take the lazy option & head for just Flat Holm.
A quick & uneventful paddle saw us quickly approaching the Island.
Stuarts fingers appear to be frozen?

We were treated to a flying display from the two resident Peregrin Falcons.

Once on the Island Stuart was keen to warm up.

And heading for the farmhouse, cheeky :)
Was certainly warmer & good to chat to the wardens before heading off for an explore.
Gareths obviously chuffed to have bagged an Island.

                                      Looking toward Steep Holm.
                                                 Remnants of Summer.

                                         Did I mention it was cold?

Before long we were back on the beach & I had seal launching on my mind :D
Cheers to Stu for filming it.

                                Nice & lively through Castle Rock.

It was an uneventful paddle back & were soon back in Sully & racing to my van for some warm clothes to put on.
was fab to get out on the water with Gareth & Andrew at last & fab to break in another Island virgin :D

Monday 7 January 2013

Isle Of Wight Adventure Video...

Sea Kayaking Adventure On The Isle Of Wight With Jay Bigwater, Kate Peel, Paul Lazenby Barrett, Carlo Briffa & me, Taran in January 2013...

Oh & Andy the local paddler too who joined us for day 2 :)

Cheers to Jay for the extra footage :)

Sunday 6 January 2013

Isle Of Wight...

 Bit of a mission this one, a multi day trip circumnavigating the Isle of Wight with Jay, Kate, Carlo & Paul or Team Morgawr as we dubbed ourselves.
Yep, Pauls missing as he was parked in a different car park & would meet us on the water.
We met at Hayling Island to Start our Circumnavigation & would be working against the tide for most of day one so as to get the best of the tide for the Southern side of the Isle of Wight.
Off we go & it was clear we would have wind & tide to push against.
Finally got to meet Paul, or Geezer as I now call him :)

South Sea Pier.
And yes, we did go under :)
Passing Portsmouth & doing our best to avoid the traffic.
Then onto the Solant crossing as we head for the Isle of Wight.
landfall & a well earned rest, I'm quite knackered & get a coffee going.

Passing Cowes, I think?
More Traffic
Camp for the night. We were going to push on to Freshwater Bay on the South side of the Island but were running late & pretty knackered.
Our two day trip has just become a three day!

Jay & Paul did all the planning for this trip. I had no maps or charts of this area & was more than happy to play follow the leader :)
Our change of plan however meant getting up early & hitting the water an hour before sunrise.

Finally the Needles come into sight.
And we meet a local paddler, Andy who joins us for part of the day.

A quick break before tackling the big tide race :)
Errrr, I was trying to look hard? Epic Fail!
Most of the group opt to go through the gap,
Whilst me & Andy go out for a play in the race.
Epic Icon of sea kayaking, I'm well chuffed!
We go back through the gap to join the others, its pretty lively & Carlo had already taken a swim. These three pics are from Jays headcam, Carlo was initially going to be in a rafted tow but decided to try solo I think, couldnt hear what was decided.
Thats Carlo in the middle, looking good through the big waves.
And riding high too. Unfortunately he went over when he was practically out of the race but the others got him back in quickly. The decision was now made to play it safe & head back to our start point on day one. If we had continued & got carlo through the race then he would have had an evan bigger race to deal with the following day so we cut our losses & got on the tide the way we came earlier.
Looking at Hurst Castle.

Stopping for supplies at Yarmouth.

At camp that night we failed to light a fire & everyone went to bed early? so I played with my camera & flashgun, startling the sleepy campers :)

Back on the water for day three. Not an early start, 9AM & we will have wind & tide all day.

We head for Cowes then start our crossing back to the mainland.

The buoys show a pleasing amount of tide in our favour though we can tell that anyway as we're flying along.
And soon passing Portsmouth.
And heading back out a little to Spitbank Fort.
Finally Team Morgawr back at Hayling Island & looking pretty knackered. I had an awesome trip with good company & plenty of Shenanigans. Bring on the next adventure.