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Monday 28 November 2011

Cruising For Boys...

Errr, I meant Buoys, honest :O
Back in South Wales again for this one & nice to get out far a paddle with Stuart again.

We were planning a one way today & with my van left in Penarth we drove to the Knap in Stuarts van, bugs an all ;D
It was a lot calmer than the forecast indicated which was a bit of a shame. Not only did I fancy a little play but I could of asked a few of the Glam Boaters along if I knew it was gonna be this calm.
 Passing the entrance to Barry Dock with a good strong wind on our backs.
 With the tide right out we would have to pass the South-side of Sully Island.
We were contemplating Flat Holm in the distance when the coastguard weather forecast came in on the radio with a forecast for strong winds. With the North Westerly wind we would be paddling into the wind to get back to Penarth, didn't fancy that much. That combined with just a couple of hours daylight left & we decide against it.
 And had a rest on St Mary's Bay Sandbar.

 Then off again to cruise for boys, sorry buoys ;D
 First Lavernock Outfall.
Then Rannie.
 Then playtime, I spotted a reef-break & couldn't resist.
Couldn't resist pinching a few images of Stuarts blog either, cheers Stu ;D
Stuart took a cracking shot of me rolling. I thought with my 5 star assessment booked for February I'd better get some practice in, about 5 rolls on each side.
Then time to get dry :)

Sunday 20 November 2011

Skerry Hopping Heaven...

After a few day's off from kayaking & with work to do back in Cardiff I had to decide wether to return home or continue with my adventure?
Well, what would you do?
After scanning the map & the sea kayak guide book & a bit of scheming I decided to head to Armadale & get the ferry across to Mallaig as there was an amazing spot that I know but have never kayaked. 
Time to tick another dream destination off my wish list :)
Heading Towards Mallaig...

Hope Myvanwy Doesn't Get Sea Sick... 
Goodbye To Skye...

I did say it was an amazing spot. Traigh Beach near to Arisaig, there's a paddle in the guidebook but I'm gonna do it a little different. It'll take longer to reach the Skerries at Loch Nan Ceall from my launch point but my journey will be all the more wonderful for it.
 That's Eigg you can see in the far distance.
Not the best footage & certainly not up to the gratuitous Beaver shot in 'basic instinct' but it really made my day none the less.
What you cant see is the huge fish almost as big as the beaver that the beaver dragged up onto the skerry to eat & all the time there was a curious harbor seal watching behind me.

This place is friggin awesome!
Quick Pee On A Skerry...

 It was a little bouncier on the West side of the Skerries.
And wonderfully calm on the East side though the South Easterly wind was quite brisk.
Looking Towards Eigg In The Distance...

Skerries Everywhere...

If there wasn't a chill in the air you'd be forgiven for thinking this was the Caribbean.
Heading back through the maze of skerries, in fact with the wind strongly on my back I just popped the skeg down & gently drifted my way through trying to get a good shot of the numerous harbor Seals. Put it this way, I'm gonna get a new camera, bloody shit focusing when zoomed :(
 Back at Traigh Beach & looking forward to a cuppa.

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Return to Bracadale...

Tuesday morning saw me return to Camas Ban on Loch Bracadale. With only two out of three Islands visited last time it left me with unfinished business.

The forecast was good today but I kinda knew to expect lively conditions on the South side of Wiay as its vertical butrusses stood tall against South Westerly wind.
In the lee of the Islands the waters were still & only stirred from their slumber further offshore.

Moments after this image I was treated to a fleeting glimpse of a Sea Eagle, its distinctive white tail giving away its identity. What a treat!
Looking Between Harlosh Island & The Mainland...

Harlosh Skerry...

Harlosh Skerry...

Wiay coming into view as I round the tip of Harlosh Island. It got a little choppier on the south side as the sea started to feel the wind. Some playful clapotis kicked out some waves that gave a gentle surf away from the cliffs.
 Looking back from Camas Na Cille on Wiay after an uneventful crossing.
Leaving the calm of Camas Na Cille I'm a little apprehensive as I've a good idea what to expect on the South side, I'm always a little more cautious when paddling solo but I still like to play.
Yep, kinda what I was expecting. It was like crossing a busy road nearer the South cliffs with waves coming from both directions. It certainly wasn't huge, just lively & I was enjoying myself.
Rock-hopping heaven though its a little too bouncy to pop my skirt & get my helmet out, (Oooer, suits you sir!).
Better not capsize with no helmet on. I rode a swell through & made a lovely scraping sound as I slid over a shallow rock :O
Good job My kayaks plastic.

 Island number three, Tarner Island.
I decide to skip the usual beach landing & look for a rock on the North side to land on.
This'll do, not a rock as it's part of the Island but a good a place as any for a coffee.
Feeling very happy with my day's adventure I head back to my van to put my feet up :)
Distance 9.5 Nautical Miles (11 Statute)...

Monday 14 November 2011

The 'Wee' Islands...

Todays Adventure will be brought to you with the word 'Wee' & the letters L & P
I really could of done with a chill out after my 5 star training but with the unseasonal good weather on Skye it would be very rude not to make the most of it.

I had a few ideas of places I wanted to paddle, all of them involving Wee Islands.
I was camped at the beach at Harrapool in the morning & trying to decide where to go? It was near enough high water, wonderfully calm, my van was only a few feet from the waters edge & there were plenty of Wee Islands in the distance. Well, what would you do? Seemed little point changing location so I got the kayak off the roof & got ready to go.
 The plan was to paddle out to Pabay Island,
 & then onto & around Longay.
Approaching the South East tip of Pabay.

Northern end of Pabay.

 Time for a Wee break, literally :)
Longay in the distance.

Approaching Longay.

North Eastern end of Longay.

The Northern end of Longay with Scalpay (right) & just under the mountain Guillamon Island.
Looking back at Longay.

A Wee coffee break on a Wee skerry just off Pabay with Longay in the distance.
It was a lovely peaceful spot save for some splashing that turned out to be four curious seal's.
The sun was really bright & in my face for the return to the mainland & I had no idea which way to go? I could of just paddled back & hand-railed my way to my camp spot but chose to practice my map reading.
I found my location from taking bearings from the surrounding mountains & used this to get a bearing from the map, simples :)
A bloody fab day out with amazing scenery & two new Wee Islands for me. Brilliant!

Taran's Adventure was brought to you today with the word 'Wee' & the letters L & P...
Todays route - 10 Nautical Miles (11.5 Statute)