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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Isola di Molara...

Sea Kayaking Excursions in Sardinia...

So, I find myself AGAIN at Isola di Molara and why not? It is such an epic kayaking location that every trip is very special and every trip is different. I love Islands and my sense of adventure draws me to them, but some Islands , like Molara are just extraordinary! On top of that there are the wonderful Scogli i Cerri and Isola Molarotto further offshore of Molara that also welcome exploration. This is without doubt my favourite paddle in Sardinia!!!
I tend to start this trip from Porto Taverna and the paddle to the start of the crossing to Molara see's some wonderful rock formations.
The crossing only takes 30 minutes and you're soon at my favourite secluded beach on Molara :)

If you keep your eyes open you will most likely see some of the many Goats on the Island.
I love this pic! Just off the end of the Island you can see Molarotto in the far distance and Scoglio di Cerri (very small) just to the right of my bow.
Landfall, if you can call it that on such small rocks? It's a 20 minute paddle from Molarotto to get here.
And its a fun place with some swell running through :)
Paddling back to Isola di Molara with Isola di Tavolara on our right. Tav has his hat on today :)
Back on Molara and the landscape is just gorgeous! I'll leave you to enjoy the pics!

Below is the route and milages from the day. What a wonderful day out!
Sea Kayaking Excursions in Sardinia...