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This Blog is A Record Of My Personal Adventures And Wonderful Kayaking Lifestyle. It Is Also A Taster Of What You Can Expect If You're Adventurous Enough To Tag Along. Why Not Get In Touch And Join One Of Go Sea Kayaks Guided Trips On The Beautiful Mediterranean Island Of Sardinia, You Won't Regret it!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Unwilling Monk...

Whichever way I look at it theres no escaping the fact that theres a distinct lack of sex in my life at the moment. Reluctantly accepting fate as a somewhat unwilling monk however does leave me plenty of time for paddling & where better to go than a pilgrimage to the Monkstone.
 Setting off again from Sully.
 And straight out to the race on the West side.
Before leaving the Island behind.
 And starting the 4 mile crossing to Flat Holm, again :)
I was quite conservative with my guesstimate ferry angle & was far too close to the Wolves, oop's!
I did however make it to Flat Holm without any probs & headed straight for the race as I wanted a play.
 Then the obligatory cave exploration. Hmmm, nice light :)
 Before Landing for a chillax.

 I was trying my hardest to avoid getting shit on :S
 Hood up, head down, thats the way.

 The flowers were in bloom everywhere on the Island.
 Bridge Trolls???

After a fab half hour I left Flat Holm & made my way out to Monkstone some 3 miles away in the middle of the Bristol Channel.

And a tricky landing. I tied a loop in my throw line to make a short teather before scrambling up the ladder.

Chilling on the top of the lighthouse. Its a really special place this & I still have to pinch myself when I'm up here.
 But the scary climb back down brings me back to reality.
 Back underway & starting the 3 mile crossing to Lavernock Point.

Nearly there. I was hoping for a play in the Rannies race but it was rather feable today :(
 Sully Island ahoy.

Well knackered at back at Sully. The last couple of Miles from Lavernock were into a headwind. I cancelled rolling practice & went for a chillout on the beach before heading home :)

Thursday 24 May 2012

Gentle Surf Session...

Here's a little video from a gentle surfing session at Aberavon. I was glad the waves weren't as big as forecast as donut here forgot his spraydeck :S

Sunday 13 May 2012

Into The Wind...

I'm sure you can imagine the scenario, sunny day, light winds, gentle 18 mile paddle along the coast before setting up camp in the sand dunes. Sounds lovely.
I was meeting up With Eurion, Chris & Adrian at the Knap & to be joined by Stuart & Marcus as we reach Aberthaw.
We set of in lovely sunshine from the Knap, dressed lightly given the weather.
 Passing Rhoose Point, the most southerly part of mainland Wales.
 And start heading out to the tower at Aberthaw in perfect conditions.
Then it hit! I thought it might just be a gust, but know, it kept blowing & was constant F4 into our faces. This was going to be a slog.
The others stayed inshore whilst I ventured out to the tower for a play. I was greeted by some lovely standing waves :D
I had a quick play before heading back in to meet the others, including Stu & Marcus who were waiting on the beach.
 Some of the group opting for warmers layers before heading off again.
 We passed this cheeky chappy on the way to Llantwit.
Where we stopped for a rest as we were in need of a break.
Chris decided to get off the water here & blag a lift of his misses. Cant say I blame him, I was seriously thinking of camping at Monknash a few miles further on. This trip really was a slog.
 Nash comes into view.
 as we pass St Donats.
I leave the others hugging the shore whilst I head into the flow & rougher water to Nash Buoy.
I was really easy to spot the flow as the wind on tide was making it rather rough, further in, in the eddies it was completely different.
 Passing Monknash, I decide to carry on :s
 Stuart & Marcuss play in the breakers.
 It got a bit much for Stu (whoops) ;D
Approaching Witches point I spot another seal but I'm a bit too pooped to care.
We're all really suffering as we near Ogmore. Passing the beach I watch as people walking outpace us. Eurion tells me we're making about 2.5 knots :(

I help out with some boat carrying before getting back underway, just to the other side of the river to set camp in the sand dunes. I really need some chillout time.
 After a long drag up the beach with the kayak I find the perfect spot.

 And quickly get some coffee & dinner on. Really needed a coffee :)
 Before settling down to watch the sun set.
 Sunday morning & the conditions are perfect.
 Turbo brekkie, Scottish Oats with mixed nut & raisins & almond milk.
 I very slowly got ready as I was in no rush before pushing off into glassy seas.
That's Nash in the far distance & I stay well out from shore to use the best of the flood tide to get there. Theres evan a little wind on my back :)
Approaching Aberthaw & the wind is picking up nicely. Its peak flow too so I power on putting some miles behind me.
The tower came & went & I was soon back at the Knap in three hours exactly. A bit different to the six hours (roughly) it took the day before though I did stay well offshore for the whole of the return trip to use the tidal assistance as much as possible :)