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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Outer Hebrides Exped On Hold :(

I think it's fair to say that this expedition (set for March) is on hold as I'm utterly skint!
I might try later in the year but certainly not in midge season.

I think I'll look at some options closer to home but evan they need a little funding, bloody recession :o

Sunday 19 February 2012

High Hopes...

I met up with Jules today at Sully with high hopes of cramming a lot of top destinations in before full darkness fell. I'd planned to leave on the early flood & get us back to Sully before twilight fell into the full black of night.
In short the plan was to spend a couple of hours on Steep Holm, nip across to Flat Holm & then follow the fading flood out to Monkstone lighthouse before heading back in the fading light.
Game on.
 Passing Flat Holm on the way out to Steep Holm.
Still a fair few miles left to Steep Holm & the sea's picking up. It's supposed to be sea state 3 but mid channel it's sea state 4 & quite playful.
There were some impressive swells approaching Steep Holm & strangely smooth too, I was expecting clapotic waves here?

Getting Choppier on the South West side of the Island as the tide raced around its rocky obstacle.
 I'm having fun.
 As the waves roll past.
 First contact for Jules & he's looking quite chuffed about it :D
I bring too much stuff, though the camp stove was a good idea, hot coffee & tomato soup, mmmmm.
After a fab couple of hours exploring we both seal launched from the top of the beach, Yeehaa!
It was a fairly straightforward crossing to Flat Holm. The current was running quite strong so I had to line the end of the island up with features on the mainland to get my ferry angle right, though I run a little less angle than required as I knew from experience here that we'd make it. It's only a half hour crossing & you can nip into the lee of the island if you did overshoot. No such probs today.
A quick coffee & we were lining up our second seal launch of the day. Shit I love my crazy life :D
 Jules mis slide.
 My turn :D
Back on the water & basking in the gorgeous evening light we set course for Monkstone Lighthouse.
 Leaving Flat Holm behind.
 We're pinching ourselves by now, the light is stunning & very atmospheric.
 I couldn't resist nipping up the lighthouse.
 Looking down at Jules who's looking at the paddle back to the mainland.
 Did I mention I don't like heights? I kept a very firm grip on the ladder!
The photos really don't do this part of the trip justice, it was a very special paddle back to Sully.
 Watching as the sun slowly sank on the horizon.
The multiple hue's of the sea changing from deep blue to magenta under the burnt orange of last light.
We arrived back in near darkness, looking behind it was dark but the Western horizon still clung to the fading twilight.
About 16 miles roughly. I travelled blind as I forgot to put fresh batteries in my GPS, relying instead on gut feeling, instinct & past experience, it somehow added to the magic of what was a totally awesome day out with a good mate :D

Sunday 12 February 2012

Crossing Borders...

A Channel crossing has been on the cards for some time now but me & Stuart always seem to find a reason not to do it?
I had planned a nice paddle out to Flat Holm today & Stuart was up for it too & arrangements made. then Stuart messaged me back to say that Eurion fancied crossing the channel & it would involve an overnight camp. It sounded good, game on :D
We met up on Saturday at the inshore lifeboat station at St Donats, Eurion is a member of the shore team & got permission for us to launch from here.
 Not a bad place to start from :)
 I think Stuart is excited.
 Not Eurion & Stuarts best side.
 Boat envy, this is Eurion's maiden voyage in his new Cetus.
 A little warm up.
 And we're off.
 The weather is perfect.
 But its a long way to go & not much to see in the middle.
 Finally, England ahoy :D
 Time for some pictures as we approach Porlock.

 We follow Eurion as he knows the way.
 This portage is really gonna suck & its absolutely bloody freezing!
 Home for the night, unsurprisingly Eurions chose a pitch next to a pub.
Sunday morning & after a big bowl of porridge & a cup of coffee I'm ready for the paddle back.
 Leaving Porlock behind.
We're past the halfway point by now & passing a North & South cardinal markers that aren't on the chart? They indicate a wreck.

 Woohoo, made it.
I'm so looking forward to my warm, dry clothes, brrrrr.
The route looked something like this. Eurion planned for us to hit mid channel for slack water so it would cancel out our tidal drift over the first half & put us back on course. We followed a bearing out of 200° & retuned on a bearing of 20°, the crossing was 11.5 Nautical Miles, (13.2 statute miles).

Right, I'm gonna go put my feet up & Stuarts not allowed out to play next week (LOL). Anyone else fancy a paddle?