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Saturday 25 January 2014

Short Shakedown...

After a very short paddle last week to try out the new boat i was itching to do a little trip, just a small one to get a feel for the new boats handling.
I had to get up a little early for the paddle. It was dark, windy & tipping down when I rose from my slumber but what the heck! wet paddles are quite pleasant when your wearing a dry suit :)
 I met with Noel at 08:30 on Penarth sea front, left my car there for the return & made our way to Sully for our launch. The plan was simple, just follow the tide back to my car :)
 Unfortunately the red boat is mine, she's a North Shore Atlantic that I bought last week from Up & Under in Cardiff.
To be fair she's an awesome boat, inexpensive, good looking & handles beautifully, Noes boat is just better!
 Noel getting comfy as we prepare to head into some small waves on the causeway to Sully Island.
 The waves weren't huge but they were fun all the same.
 After a good warm up, (did I mention it was freezing!?) we turn East & head for Lavernock Point.
The Rannies were quiet today but still threw up some mild excitement. Before long we were back at Penarth & happy we didn't let laziness & the bad weather put us off going for a splash :)