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Monday 28 December 2015

A Swell Time...

Well as I'm still in the UK for a couple of months I'd better make the most of the paddling opportunities when they come. My vans currently broken so when an offer of a lift to Pembrokeshire to go paddling came along I grabbed the chance :)
I was paddling with Sean & Elan (Above) and Stuart & Chris. We launched from Broad Haven for a paddle to Martins Haven and back.
First we had to get out through some decent surf!
As usual Elan was playing in the livelier bits and there were lots of them as the swell was pretty big.
Eyeing up another gap.
Elan gets though ok but Sean got knocked over and had to roll. I got through just with some strong paddling!
Chris waiting before thinking better of it and going around (pussy!)
A brief chill, 
Before back to the action.

After a rest and refuel at Martins Haven we head back, paddling hard to stay in the wave trough. With the wind on our backs we make good progress and are soon back at Broad Haven :)