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Welcome To The Go Sea Kayak Blog...
This Blog is A Record Of My Personal Adventures And Wonderful Kayaking Lifestyle. It Is Also A Taster Of What You Can Expect If You're Adventurous Enough To Tag Along. Why Not Get In Touch And Join One Of Go Sea Kayaks Guided Trips On The Beautiful Mediterranean Island Of Sardinia, You Won't Regret it!

Veggie Camp Food...

As a Vegetarian for half my life & more recently a vegan I decided that I'd like to post a resource for other compassionate foody's who would want to multi day trip from their kayaks & make use of the fab dehydrated & pre cooked camping meals available.
I've also added some scrummy cereal & snack bars too :)

Below is a list of the vegetarian & vegan options that I’ve found available in the UK.

Veggie Camp Food List….

Spotted Dick (VEGETARIAN)
Sticky Toffee Pudding (VEGETARIAN)
Spicy Vegetable Rigatoni (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Chocolate Pudding (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetable Curry (VEGAN Ⓥ)

Vegetable Casserole (VEGETARIAN)
Bean & Vegetable Curry (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Vegetable Bolognaise (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Chili Non Carne (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Vegetarian Korma (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetarian Cottage Pie (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Vegetables with Rice (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Custard with mixed fruit (VEGETARIAN)
Custard With Strawberries (VEGETARIAN)
Custard with Apple Pieces (VEGETARIAN)
Rice Pudding With Raisons (VEGETARIAN)
Rice Pudding With Apple Pieces (VEGETARIAN)
Chocolate Chip Cream Desert (VEGETARIAN)
Meat free Sausage & Beans (VEGETARIAN)
Creamy Mushroom Soup (VEGETARIAN)
Peach & Pineapple desert (VEGETARIAN)
Papaya & Pinapple desert (VEGETARIAN)
Potato & Leek Soup (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Spicy Tomato Soup (VEGAN Ⓥ)
Vegetable Soup (VEGETARIAN)

Mountain House
Macaroni Cheese (VEGETARIAN)
Long Grain & Wild Rice Pilaf (VEGETARIAN)
Pasta Primavera (VEGETARIAN)
Potatoes With Cheddar & Broccoli (VEGETARIAN)
Mediterranean vegetable pasta

Cous Cous Vegetarian (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetable Risotto (VEGETARIAN)
Chervil & Potato Pot (VEGETARIAN)
Noodles In A Herb Cream (VEGETARIAN)
Pasta In Sauce Napoli (VEGETARIAN)
Pasta Bella Italia With cheese Sauce (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetarian Pasta Siciliana With Olives (VEGETARIAN)
Hazelnut Cream (VEGETARIAN)
Rice Pudding with apples & Cinnamon (VEGETARIAN)
Mousse Au Chocolate (VEGETARIAN)
Stracciatella Mousse (VEGETARIAN)
Orange Cream (VEGETARIAN)
Energy Cereal (VEGETARIAN)
Fruit Muesli with milk (VEGETARIAN)
Yogurt Muesli With fruits (VEGETARIAN)
Muesli With Raisons, Apples & Milk (VEGETARIAN)
Nut Muesli With Chocolate (VEGETARIAN)
Pancakes With Apples (VEGETARIAN)
Scrambled Egg’s With Onion (VEGETARIAN)
Chocolate Cereal With Whole Milk (VEGETARIAN)
Potato Soup (VEGETARIAN)
Tomato Soup With Croutons (VEGETARIAN)

Adventure Food
Pasta & cheese with mushroom (Vegetarian)
Walnut pasta (Vegetarian)
Curry with fruit & rice (Vegetarian)
Cashew rice (Vegetarian)
Vegetable hotpot (Vegetarian)
Expedition breakfast (Vegetarian)
Crunchy muesli (Vegetarian)
Vanilla desert (Vegetarian)
Apple-apricot compote (Vegan)
Chocolate mousse (Vegetarian)
Farmers omelette (Vegetarian)
Mixed vegetables (Vegan)

Extreme Adventure foods  
Vegetarian Korma (Vegetarian)
Vegetarian Sheppard’s pie (Vegetarian)
Vegetarian tikka with rice (Vegetarian)
Oriental vegetables with rice (Vegan)
Hot cereal with sultanas (Vegetarian)
Milky muesli with sultanas (Vegetarian)
Porridge with sultanas (Vegan)
Porridge with strawberries (Vegetarian)

Beyond The Beaten Track
Vegetarian all day breakfast (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetarian sausage & tomato breakfast (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetarian tomato noodles (VEGETARIAN)
Vegetable korma (VEGETARIAN)
Pasta salad (VEGETARIAN)
Chocolate pudding in chocolate sauce (VEGETARIAN)
Rice pudding (VEGETARIAN)
Toffee pudding with toffee sauce (VEGETARIAN)

Science In Sport
SIS Blackcurrant isotonic fast energy gel (Vegan)
SIS Orange isotonic fast energy gel (Vegan)
SIS Tropical isotonic fast energy gel (Vegan)

Natural Balanced foods
Nākd Caffé Mocha Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Rhubarb & Custard Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Cocoa Orange Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Berry Delight Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Cashew Cookie Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Cocoa Delight Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Ginger Bread Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Cocoa Mint Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Pecan Pie Bar (Vegan)
Nakd Apple Crunch Bar (Vegan)
Nakd Strawberry Crunch Bar (Vegan)
Nakd Banana Crunch Bar (Vegan)
Nakd Cocoa Crunch Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Nibble Apple Pie (Vegan)
Nākd Nibble Banana Bread (Vegan)
Nākd Nibble Cocoa Loco Bar (Vegan)
Nākd Nibble Berry Cheeky Bar (Vegan)
Trek Peanut & Oat Bar (Vegan)
Trek Mixed Berry Bar (Vegan)
Trek Cocoa Brownie Bar (Vegan)
Trek Morning Berry Flapjack (Vegan)
Trek Banana Bread Flapjack (Vegan)
Trek Oat Raisin Flapjack (Vegan)
Trek Cocoa Coconut Flapjack (Vegan)
Trek Cocoa Oat Flapjack (Vegan)
Trek Original Oat Flapjack (Vegan)

Ma Baker Giant Bars
Raspberry (Vegan)
Strawberry (Vegan)
Cranberry (Vegan)
Blueberry (Vegan)
Pecan (Vegan)
Coconut (Vegan)
Mango (Vegan)
Pistachio (Vegan)
Cherry (Vegan)
Apple (Vegan)
Banana (Vegan)
Apricot (Vegan)
Almond (Vegan)
Walnut (Vegan)
Peanut (Vegan)
Hazelnut (Vegan)
Sunflower seed (Vegan)
Sesame seed (Vegan)
Multi seed (Vegan)
Pumpkin seed (Vegan)


If your in the USA you could also try

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