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Thursday 30 June 2011

Go Go Go, Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales...

Finally got a break in the weather & I'm just about to leave for Rest Bay, Porthcawl to continue on my paddle around Wales :)

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See'ya all soon...

Tuesday 28 June 2011

2nd Time Lucky? Final Preparations for the 'Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales'...

I decide to get off my arse & do another paddle in preparation for my Wales trip on Friday.
I'm paddling today from the Knap to Llantwit Major & back & decide to stay in my kayak all for the whole trip & practice peeing in a bottle & getting my munchies from the day hatch whilst on the water.

 If I say Wales's most southerly point again I may get done for spamming (LOL).

 Uneventful at Aberthaw tower.

 I push on to Llantwit arriving a quarter of an hour before the tide turns.
Time for a rest on the water, no getting out today.
I've had the wind in my face all the way here & I'm looking forward to having the wind on my back & a following sea as I make my way back to the Knap.
I'm feeling very at peace with the World by now. More than I've felt for a while, since being on Anglesey in fact. Beautiful Ynys Mon, wearing its christian shrines like filthy vandalism on an island with a very Pagan heart.

Time alone helps you put your thoughts in order but being alone on the sea lets you look deeper into your own mind & purifies the soul.
I dwell on the interconnectedness of all living things & the arrogance of Christians with their small minded view of the World, not to mention the warmongering & religious cleansing.
As a Pagan I don't see God as separate from us, I see god in every living thing from the biggest Mammal to the highland Midge.
I see the Gods as creators & every living thing is a creator, as we all have an impact on the ecosystem of this beautiful planet.

Sorry, I'm reading a King Arthur novel & feeling quite anti Christian at the mo (LOL).
I headed to the tower again from here hoping for some liveliness, I so wasn't disappointed :)
I really wasn't expecting it to be as rough as it was, I had clapotis to deal with as I approached the tower & then some confused water on the far side as the tide pushed it's way around the tower & a few waves almost a metre high traveling diagonally to me.
My paddle was being used for support as much as going forward. As I eased out of the lumpy stuff the adrenaline was pounding & I had a grin on my face.
 Uneventful on the way back to Rhoose point, I tried surfing a few swell but they weren't steep enough though I regularly crept over 7 knots trying.

 Time for a few rolls at the Knap.
The perfect way to end a good trip :)

A map of the trip with co ordinates & times is viewable for the next 7 days via this link.

Geek Stat's

Trip Distance 15.3 Nautical Miles, (17.6 Statute Miles)

Max Speed 7.7 Knots

Moving Average 4.3 Knots

Time Moving 3 hous 33 mins

Sunday 26 June 2011

Bare Bums, Black Sheep & Lighthouse Jumping...

Arriving at Sully on a day with a sketchy forecast I was relieved to see that the weather had in fact turned out perfect.

Paddling again today with Stuart & also Jules from the Glam Boaters with the intention of heading to Flat Holm & then onto Monkstone Lighthouse & back via Laverknock.

There was a little wind on tide as we headed to Flat Holm but that was about as interesting as the sea got today.

 The must have cave shot.
Pulling onto the beach we recognized a couple of kayaks & head off to find the owners.

 Richard & Eurion were making the most of the fab weather too.
As were some naturist's, good job my lens was foggy. It turned out there was a naturist weekend on Flat Holm.
 Bet these two wished they were in the pink too.

Back underway & we made good progress to Monkstone Lighthouse, my first time here at high water.
Jules hopped up the ladder & made his way right to the top.
Keen to follow him I did too & decided to try & start a new sport of lighthouse jumping.
I'm a bit of a wimp with heights though so wasn't too far up.
Jules got creative with the camera & forgot that you cant turn a telly on its side (LOL).
Stuart got a nice pic too :)

 He gets a few cheeky snaps as I head back for my camera.
 Stuart heads up for a look too.

The sea was extremely calm on the way back & we kept stopping to chill out, look at some rubbish that Stuart thought was a puffin, (LOL) & admire the jellyfish. An awesome day out :)

A map of the trip with co ordinates & times is viewable for the next 7 days via this link.

Geek Stats

Distance 12 NM (approx.)I reset after leaving Sully Island)

Max Speed 9.7 knots

Time moving 3 hours 30 mins, (approx.)

Moving Average 3.1 knots

Friday 24 June 2011

Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales Update 24/06/11...


The expedition is on hold at the moment whilst I wait for this bad weather to pass. The winds are a bit on the high side (F4-6), occasionally F7 & have been like this for the last month. Its very frustrating as I'm keen to get going again but I'm going to be patient, play safe & enjoy the paddle.
Of the five days I've I spent on the challenge I only managed paddle two of them getting me from chepstow to Porthcawl (60 miles) so far. I'll head off again soon as this low pressure front passes.
I am now planning to set off again on the next new moon, July the 1st, two moons since I first set off. I may go sooner but if I'm sensible I'll be patient & wait as the tides are too late at the moment...

Frontier Man...

I never took any images of my two star training back in February so I was quite chuffed when Jules from the Glam Boaters sent me these images.
I rather liked paddling the canadian kayak & was keen to transfer some of the strokes to my sea kayak, particularly the j-stroke & c-stroke though the pry's & skulls are just as applicable.

I'm currently looking at my income to fund some more 4 star training & to hopefully complete & pass the 4 star assessment. It's a lot more involved so I've a lot to practice while I'm sorting out funding. At least the practice is fun...

Saturday 18 June 2011

Riding The Squall...

After the relentless high winds in the last month I thought it time to take the sea back from Poseidon's grip. Poseidon on the other hand had other plans, we were about to be humbled.
Shortly after launch Stuarts radio crackled into life, 'FORCE 8 IMMANENT' the coastguard was warning. It was 5-6 where we were paddling & the warning was meant for further West but it was a warning worth listening to. We had planned to ride the storm to Penarth & back but after assessing the conditions it seemed wise to just play & develop our rough water skills around Sully.

I've put together a video to show just how wild it was. No music this time, just the raw sound of nature. Oh, & an expletive as I tested my low brace :D

For A better quality video go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndCLkP2Na2k
After a lairy paddle in the full force of the squall we decided to sit it out & reassess our plans.
A quick hop to Ball Rock seemed good as we wanted some rougher water to play in.

The swell building all the time as it rises over St Mary's Bay sandbar.
Playing in the surf on Ball Rocks tiny causeway, had to be careful though, its deceptively shallow here.

All's calm in the Bay as we hide from the wind & enjoy the serenity of the raindrops uniting with the sea.

Back in the rough stuff again & we're heading for Sully Island again, searching out some surf.
We weren't disappointed, bloody nervous if I'm honest, upto one metre standing waves had formed on the causeway. Luckily I was filming when I capsized & evan luckier to roll up. Would have been a nightmare to perform rescues in these conditions & I was glad too that Stuart stayed sunny side up.
Back in the comfort of my van I can enjoy the sound of the rain on my roof & gaze out to sea with a cup of tea in hand, reflecting on an unusually short but fab trip...