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Monday 21 February 2011

Taran Tyla is fundraising for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK

Taran Tyla is fundraising for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK
I'll post any new news or events relating to the challenge on this post...

Testing the new boat for the 'Tyla Images Expedition Around Wales', she's an 18 foot Valley Nordkapp, originally designed back in the 70's for the Nordkapp Expeditions so well up for the job & still one of the best selling sea kayaks around which just proves her pedigree.

She behaved impeccably on the test in sea's of force 4-5 & bloody high winds on the leg to Penarth, I evan did my first Eskimo roll in the sea (Good Times:)...

07/03/11 ~ Just purchased a GPS Spot Messenger so everyone can follow my progress live, as it happens on Google maps. I just need to purchase a subscription to use the Spot Messenger & then I'll upload a link to this page as soon as it's ready...

Thought I'd do a cheesy video of me practicing my kayak skills for my upcoming 'Around Wales Expedition'. I've set the start date for the May New Moon, 02/05/2011...


  1. Nice one butty, will sponsor you when I've finished paying off for my van!! Good charity to support, my sister has received a few things from Make-A-Wish, I think she had a disabled bike. Good Luck!

  2. Cheers Stu, Yep it's a fab charity, think I'm gonna hear a lot of stories that'll push me on on my journey.
    I wanted to raise money for Ty Hafen too But would need a separate fundraising page which would just complicate things so I'm thinking of getting a team together for Lands end to the Scilly Isles for Ty Hafen.
    You up for that?
    Or anyone else who reads this, please get in touch...

  3. You know I'm up for that! I'll probably join you for some of this Wales trip on the weekends, give you some company, not that I'll be able to keep up in your new boat! I'll stick a post on my blog see if we can get some more publicity for you.

  4. Hey Stu, thats fab, a bit of company would be great. I'm working hard promoting at the mo so it would be fab if you posted a link. Cheers...

  5. Hi Taran,
    I'm having a short break from Sea kayaking just now, but am also in the early stages of planning to do the whole Welsh coast next year 2012.
    If I can assist you in any way, let me know, I paddle with you, or maybe do some ferrying of kit etc, esspecially in the North.

  6. Cheers Martyn, Any help or company is most welcome. I'm having a break as well at the mo due to a screwed up back, most annoying with a new Nordkapp that's not getting paddled(LOL)....

  7. Hi Taran..having done this trip in 2003 I wish you every success! If you need somewhere to stay when you're near Bardsey Island,let me know...you'd be welcome to stop with us.
    Steve Porter.