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Sunday 10 April 2011

The Pagan Monk...

This paddle was something a bit special, Again paddling with Stuart We decided to head out from Penarth to Steep Holm on the last of the ebb.
Once in the water Stuart suggested going to Monkstone Lighthouse on the way, Something I thought about the night previous but ruled out due to the angle against the current.
So, not really expecting to get there we decide to give it a bash & see what happens...
Surprisingly we make it to Mid Cardiff Buoy without any problems, hmmm, we might actually pull this off...

After a brief stop on Cardiff grounds we set a heading for Monkstone Lighthouse. I wanted to go here for some time to visit this wonderful industrial monument so reminiscent of the Pagan phallic icons, standing proud & erect from the sacred waters of the Earth.
I could not come all the way out here without a visit to the top of the ladder despite a very rational fear of heights & I new it would make a great picture...

From Monkstone we headed straight for Steep Holm & headed for a landing spot that I noticed on my last visit here without the need to climb over the bloody large gate to access the island...

Leaving Steep Holm & by now the water was remarkably flat & calm. On arriving at Flat holm I was practicing my edging as the flow was nudging me from side to side, shall we say I gave it a bit too much edge (whoops), time to practice a roll which I fluffed, (think I rushed them). No matter, I'll know for next time. I did however pull off a re entry & roll on the first attempt & gingerly paddled to shore with a boat full of water which I promptly emptied before heading straight back out for another roll, well I was already wet!

Approaching penarth we were treated to a perfect sunset to end a pretty perfect day...
About 14 miles according to Stuarts GPS, but what a 14 miles!
Where to next? :)


  1. Excellent conditions for such a great trip.
    The other landing spot you used on Steepholm, is that on the south side a bit around from the gated landing? I seem to remember reading that there is a landing there with some steep steps to give access to the top - just wondered if you used that spot?

  2. Hi Eurion, Yep sound like the same spot, would probably be easier at high tide?

  3. excellent photography blog! you've done really nice work!

  4. A great trip in near perfect conditions. Love the picture taken from up the lighthouse looking down at the kayak.

  5. Hey Richard, I was really hoping to get there as I had that lighthouse shot in mind :)