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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Inner Space...

I've been quite busy the past week setting up the sea kayaking adventures website & feeling a little stressed & distant from the Gods so I needed a spiritual fix to reconnect with the natural World, that can only mean a pre dawn paddle to me :)
I arrived in Sully as the first fires of dawn were burnishing the distant horizon, My destination, Flat Holm was little more than a dark shadow in the distance.
I haven't paddled for a while & felt wobbly heading out through the race off Sully Island reminding me that I need to keep myself practiced for my upcoming 5 star assessment!
I left early today & the tide was flowing at 100% so I expected a little action.
Past the race & off towards the burning sky.
Flat Holm, my destination is on my left & Steep Holm is on my right. I feel totally at peace out here though the tide is ripping hard today & my photo addiction is causing me to drift!
I drift within a few feet of the Wolves buoy, not far off course as I know that I can make it from here as I've done it several times before.
The South Western tip of the Island was interesting. The tide was really ripping out of a back eddy & I had to paddle hard & use the surging waves to push me through.
Time for some sightseeing now as I've arrived early on purpose, i want to spend some time here :)

This don't look like much but is a rare plant that lives on the Island, cant remember what its called now though?
Juxtapositions keep presenting themselves to me :)

More visitors.
More juxtapositions.
Then back onto the water for the crossing to Lavernock at slack water.
It was a little slow going as their was a stiff force 3 headwind.
Leaving at slack water did let me visit Rannie Buoy though which is always nice.
The remaining paddle was uneventful though I did stop off to film a clamber on deck rescue video which will be my next post ;)

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