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Monday 21 April 2014

Project Nordkapp Part 8...

Just a very quick update with this post.
I thought I'd better get my finger out & do some more work on the Nordy!
Last time I patched some gel on the top coat where I'd gone too deep with the sander & those patches needed sanding now. Inevitably I went to deep again & created a few more patches too whilst finishing the sanding on the top deck!

Soooooo, the new plan is to spray paint here & get here finished as quick as possible as I'm itching to paddle her.
So I finished sanding the top deck & patched some gel coat repairs on the lower deck ready for sanding next time.
 Then I got really carried away & finally glassed in a rear bulkhead as the boat didn't have any originally.
I had previously prepared a template for the bulkhead a couple of years ago but I didn't like it now! I scrapped the template & made a new one, taped it & smothered it in releasing agent & wedged it in place ready for glassing. When the glass is cured & maybe a couple more layers added I remove the template through the rear hatch.

So there you have it, feels like I'm finally making progress!
Next time I'm gonna sand the gel coat repairs that I've done today & cover her in filler-primer ready for final prep & top coats.
Then all that'll be left to complete will be the deck seams, seat & footpegs :)

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