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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Project Nordkapp Part 9...

Oooooer, could she finally be reaching completion? A weeks hard graft stretched out to 3 years??

I was outside prepping her this morning when my Mums neighbour suggested I'd be better off using a proper air gun as opposed to aerosols. I'd already bought the primer so we slapped that on first, a can each to get the painting underway. 
Then Rich took over with the air gun, luckily he had some red kicking about & I'd already decided to stick with red & white as per the original colour scheme.
She's looking all shiny now which is great :) She's not perfect as I did the bare amount of prepping required, I just want her finished & on the water!
If she was too pretty i"d be too careful trying not to scratch her. As it is I'm not going to bother painting the lower deck, a clean & polish will suffice.

Just got to do the deck tape tomorrow & then I can do some test paddling :D

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