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Friday 26 December 2014

Stiff Nipples & Dead Legs!

Just a quickie this one & its more about my lifestyle as opposed to the paddle. I've been working for a van driving agency leading up to xmas & not doing any camping or many paddles which sucks big time! So this is me getting back to my lifestyle, camping in my van & going out for fun in the kayak :)

For this particular paddle I grabbed my old 70's Nordkapp as I've just finished fitting the seat & thigh grips which lock me into the kayak lovely, trouble is, I get very bad dead legs so I need to look at the fitting out a bit more?
On the plus side she catches waves really easily & rolls like a dream which inspired me to tackle some tasty waves on the paddle back despite my dead legs!
Not many pics today though, I was just having fun & getting a feel for the boat ;)
 The view I woke up to, even grey its still heartwarming :)
 Campervan life.
 Pitch for the night :)
 Noel looking smug in his fancy new drysuit ;)
 Approaching Nells Point Coastwatch Station.
 A wee leg stretch at Jacksons Bay. I could even stand without using my boat for support (LOL).
A lively bit of tide race action to play in on the way back :)

Short & sweet, bye bye ;)

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