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Monday 16 February 2015

Missy Duckypoo's...

Just a quicky this, was planning on meeting Chris & John for a wee paddle out to Flat Holm Island. We postponed saturday due to the weather & re-arranged for Sunday but Chris pulled out due to a bad back. That left me & John free for a paddle in what were lovely conditions :)
 Was awesome to be back on the water after about a month on dry land!
 We left from Swanbridge in Sully doing a loop of Sully Island before starting the 4.5 mile crossing to Flat Holm in misty conditions.
 The island was hard to see for most of the crossing till the sun briefly shone & burnt off some of the mist :)

 Time for lunch as we have an hour & a bit till the ebb starts.
 Back on the water & its time for cheesy selfies ;)
 And more selfies with Rannie Buoy. The slats were damaged on the buoy & I was surprised to see that they were made of wood?

 The mist reappeared as we neared Sully again.
 Ans we bumped into Chris whos back seemed better.
 And was carrying a stowaway? Chris car picked up a stowaway too but thats another story!
The light was wierd when we landed at Sully & the camera has totally failed to capture the cool blue skies we saw!

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