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Sunday 15 March 2015

Severn kaleidoscope...

A last minute get together this one thanks to Sean for putting the feelers out to see who was free for a paddle. As it happens it was quite a few of us who turned up at Sully for the regular paddle out to Flat Holm island & we set the Severn free from its muddy brown norm to a kaleidoscope of multicolour with so many kayaks & garish drysuits!
All together & ladies first we had Paul Neale (AKA Dusty!) & Laura Hau. Making up the male contingent was Moi, Stuart Yendle, Gareth Jenkins, Noel Blakeman,Christopher Evens, Chris Kitch & Sean Hurrel.
 Ready to launch at Sully.
 If they ever stop talking that is?
 Paddling the very calm race of the back of Sully Island as we head out.
 Always nice to see new buoys. This ones Lavernock Spit that I regularly paddle past but never got this close before.
 It got a little choppier near the island but not much.
 A quick rest & re-group by the lighthouse.

 The resident Gulls are back for the summer :)
Was too cold to take many pics so this one is Chris passing the Wolves Buoy on the way back to Sully ;)

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