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Sunday 9 August 2015

IOW, Back With A Bang!

OK, so back with a bang! I sure am!
After a few months cycling in sardinia I'm now back in the UK & doing my first paddle in British waters since April, also on the Solent.
 Tavi posted on FB that she was circumnaving the Isle of Wight on the weekend & looking for company so I couldn't help but tag along :)
We all met up on the Saturday at Keyhaven & set off early on this iconic paddle.It was Tavi, myself, Steve & Rob doing this paddle.
 The paddle out past Hurst Castle to the beach at Alum Bay was pretty quick & we didn't linger on the beach for long as we were keen to reach a certain Iconic landmark!
 The Needles of course! Last time I was here it was pretty gnarly but today was lovely & we could take our time going around.
 Tavi posing :)
 I of course am not into that sort of thing!

 Freshwater Bay.

 St Cartherines Point.

 Our camp between Whitecliff & Bembridge.

 It was an early start! up at 0400 & setting off at 0515!
 A few stretches were called for!

 One of the many old forts on the Solent, this one is at Bembridge.
 Passing Ryde.
A castle'y thing near cowes where I took my last pic our last break break before crossing back to Keyhaven. This was a very awesome trip! :)


  1. Wow, such calm conditions - nice photos. We canoe sailed around the island back in June and it was rather bumpy off the Needles and St Catherines. After seeing your blog I think I need to go back and paddle it! - Graham

  2. Fab read in your blog Graham and an interesting way of doing it too :)

  3. Are you still around for the next few days?

    1. Nope, I headed straight back to South Wales for work :)