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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Breaking In A New Recruit...

Hmmm, Flat Holm again! A familiar but still pleasurable paddle for me but a new and exciting location for my lady :)
It was a perfect day as we arrived at Sully for the launch and we were both keen to get going!
Melissa seems well at home in a kayak. She is experienced in racing the super twitchy K1 and K2's. We've also both paddled along the Isle of Wight as well as Sardinia. Good training for today.
First we pass Laverknock Spit south cardinal.
Flat Holm arrives soon and its fab for Melissa to see it so close as she had previously only seen it from Weston Super Mare.

Must have cave shot!
Our steeds at rest.
Hmmm, I think Stuart Yendle has something to do with this???
A super friendly local!
One of the rare plants on the island, can't remember what it is though and can't be arsed googling it!

Nice bit of tide at Castle Rock!

Looking back at a familiar but much loved location. Fab day out!

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