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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Jurassic Coastline...

Soooo, still in Pembrokeshire and still having fun! Todays paddle is a very pleasant route along some very scenic and dramatic scenery between Fishguard and Pwllgwaloed.
The sun was out which made a nice change as we set off from Fishguard harbour.
My lovely lady was back on the water with me :)
We were soon into some caves, 
some gullies
and more caves.
Through arches.
And towering sea stacks.
This one is called Needle Rock and has a lovely arch through it, fun in the swell.
We land for a wee stop in a sea cave that dries out :)

Then back out to explore more gullies, playing with the swell as we go :)

We soon land at Pwllgwaloed, our half way point and have some yummy lunch!
Then we slowly head back to Fishguard enjoying more rock-hopping as we go. Strangely the swell had totally vanished for the paddle back so we were able to explore more than we did on the way out.

All in all a pretty fab day :)

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