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Sunday 20 March 2016

Tahe Marine Revel Mini LC First Paddle...

What more perfect way to get ready for a paddle than by unwrapping a new kayak!
This kayak is one of two that I've bought from Tahe Marine and this is a Tahe Marine Revel Mini LC and I have to say that I like it. Some of the fitting are basic but well thought out. The seat and backrest is very simple but works very well, in fact I wish other kayak brands that I like would adopt this system. The thigh braces are part of the kayak moulding and look cheap but they work brilliantly and lock me into the kayak very well. The hatches are very tight but I guess these will soften, especially in the Sardinian sunshine.
Handling wise she's lovely and edgy and feels quite playful? I need more testing conditions to verify this. I did find some tide race action on the Rannys and managed to bury the bow to the front hatch on a steep wave and she seemed to like it. I'd have like to have played more but my fellow paddlers were getting out of there, can't blame them, it was chilly. I got a few surfs on some passing swells too hinting at the fun to be had.
In a straight line she seemed plenty quick enough keeping up with the glass boats though Chris did have a hangover!
As for the paddle well I was with Chris and John and we went from Penarth to Flat Holm Island, five miles offshore in the Bristol Channel. A regular paddle for me but probably my last in the UK for a while as I'm driving to Sardinia in two weeks time :)
So there you have it, not a conclusive test but a few hours of fun on my local patch. I look forward to playing with this boat in some bigger conditions as I reckon it'll be fun!
Just gonna leave you to enjoy the pics now, ciao XXX