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Welcome To The Go Sea Kayak Blog...
This Blog is A Record Of My Personal Adventures And Wonderful Kayaking Lifestyle. It Is Also A Taster Of What You Can Expect If You're Adventurous Enough To Tag Along. Why Not Get In Touch And Join One Of Go Sea Kayaks Guided Trips On The Beautiful Mediterranean Island Of Sardinia, You Won't Regret it!

Monday 18 December 2017

Free Movie!!! Yep, It's here! The Go Sea Kayak Circumnavigation of Corsica Movie. It's now live on Vimeo and free to watch or download.
We hope you Enjoy it :)
Maybe you would like to join us? We run sea kayaking excursions and camping trips on the beautiful Italian Island of Sardinia. so why nit get in touch?


  1. Again another great video. Have watched your Sardinia movie at least 4 times. :-)

    You don't mind, if i hyperlink your videos to our Kayak-Club page (www.kcda.de) und the German Kayak-Forum www.kanuforum.de ?


    1. Hi Robert, glad you like the movie. Yeah, I watch other peoples kayaking movies several time too :)
      Please do hyperlink the vid, it's there for sharing. And please ask your club if they would be interested in doing a club trip in Sardinia. We've run a few holidays for kayak clubs now and we really enjoy it. We also offer discounts for club bookings too. If you are interested then drop us a message at http://goseakayak.com/contact-us
      Cheers, Taran :)