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Thursday 24 March 2011

A Beacon Of Hope...

Another fabulous sunny day, I'm getting a bit jammy with the fab weather up here in North Wales. I haven't been Idle the last couple of day's either, they were just training sessions for my around Wales trip & not worth Blogging. I've promised myself to practice rolling every day & without using a nose clip. Tuesday I had a splash about in Trwyn Y Penrhyn & yesterday in Bull Bay. The rolls are coming along nicely(ish)...

Having done a reccae from the cliff top I had a fair idea what to expect as I headed out of Borthwen, on a calm day like this you can clearly see the currents & eddys on the water, & they can hit 4 knots through here...
 Had to go in, I can't resist a cave...

Time for a rest at Trearddur Bay, felt like summer until I waded into the water (Brrrrr), not looking forward to rolling practice later ...

Back underway & I decide not to hop from headland to headland & to just aim for the furthest cutting out several bays. Despite heading into the dying flood tide I still made just over 4 knots...

 I chose to head out to & around Rhoscolyn Beacon & hoped the turning tide didn't throw up any surprises in the overfall however unlikely that was...
Cheesy does it!

The Tower marking the entrance back into Borthwen. Bloody great, thats gonna mean more rolling practice (Ice cream head here I come) :(
Not a huge paddle, about 7 miles all in but a great day out that's left me hungry for more, hmmm, where too next???


  1. You have had a good week up on the sunshine Island

  2. Hi Taran

    TheJesusofKayaking here.

    I had a paddle round Rhoscolyn recently. Video on the rolling thread on RG.

    I didn't venture across to the beacon solo but have done it with another paddler, and yes that water can move through there.

    Great blog by the way.

  3. Hey Jesus, as you can see, I had it easy on the day, its a fab spot..

  4. Indeedy, I'll be there at Rhoscolyn this Sunday and Monday for my coaching. Great how it looks different on every visit. And to nail that roll after my pool session with a P&H team paddler tomorrow!

    And yeah Buff headwear totally rulez.

    See you on the water sometime maybe.

    By the way I have a cover of Stripped, Depeche Mode by Rammstein on my iPod. Recognised that Rams track on your video straight away

    Matt. TheJesusofkayaking.