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Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Unwilling Monk...

Whichever way I look at it theres no escaping the fact that theres a distinct lack of sex in my life at the moment. Reluctantly accepting fate as a somewhat unwilling monk however does leave me plenty of time for paddling & where better to go than a pilgrimage to the Monkstone.
 Setting off again from Sully.
 And straight out to the race on the West side.
Before leaving the Island behind.
 And starting the 4 mile crossing to Flat Holm, again :)
I was quite conservative with my guesstimate ferry angle & was far too close to the Wolves, oop's!
I did however make it to Flat Holm without any probs & headed straight for the race as I wanted a play.
 Then the obligatory cave exploration. Hmmm, nice light :)
 Before Landing for a chillax.

 I was trying my hardest to avoid getting shit on :S
 Hood up, head down, thats the way.

 The flowers were in bloom everywhere on the Island.
 Bridge Trolls???

After a fab half hour I left Flat Holm & made my way out to Monkstone some 3 miles away in the middle of the Bristol Channel.

And a tricky landing. I tied a loop in my throw line to make a short teather before scrambling up the ladder.

Chilling on the top of the lighthouse. Its a really special place this & I still have to pinch myself when I'm up here.
 But the scary climb back down brings me back to reality.
 Back underway & starting the 3 mile crossing to Lavernock Point.

Nearly there. I was hoping for a play in the Rannies race but it was rather feable today :(
 Sully Island ahoy.

Well knackered at back at Sully. The last couple of Miles from Lavernock were into a headwind. I cancelled rolling practice & went for a chillout on the beach before heading home :)


  1. Now I know, why Im such a crap paddler ;-) Great photos!

  2. Lol no shagging the posy photo on top of the lighthouse might get you one you poser!
    Tip ditch the glasses get into Swansea and grab a big un!!!!!!

  3. Moi, A Poser??? Never ;D

    Not sure whats happenened to the middle comment??? The Google fairies strike again :S

    1. Well it's unlikely you're going to find a lady on top of the Monkstone! (although they say strange things happen at sea......)