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Friday 10 August 2012

Just The Two Of Us...

A bit late this post due to mobile internet on a dongle :S
I'm back in Blighty for the weekend as I write this & its making me miss Sardinia.

Whereas I'm supposed to be leading groups a quiet day meant I was heading out with just Ann for company on what has now become my favourite day trip from Tramariglio to Punto Negra, (just stunning!).
It was great paddling with Ann as she's an experienced kayaker so I could just chill & enjoy the paddle without having to worry about looking after wobbly clients.
First lunch at an awesome beach near Maristella. This guiding lark is like the life of a Hobbit with first breakfast, second breakfast ect...
Leaving the beach with Cappa Caccia in the distance though we're going left not right.
Cheese :D

A fab little cave. I didn't notice the shaft of light when I took the picture?
An evan better cave that we were able to paddle into :)
Framing Cappa Caccia in the distance.
Seriously Stunning this part of the trip & I regularly see a pair of Peregrin Falcons here.
Ladies first.
Sort of blowhole? Anyone know the name for these, its not a proper blowhole just a small recess that the air gets squeezed out of when a swell pushes its way in?
Second breakfast. I've since found a much nicer beach to land for lunch just a five minute paddle from here. Live & learn.
Sun bleached Cormorants.

Not your typical UK boating hazard :D
Looking good Ann, switz woo ;D
Some paddle float silliness to finish off a fab day with great company :)

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