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Saturday 15 December 2012

The Severn Bore...

I Think its fair to say I've had a wonderfully intimate experience with Mother Nature today & some good mates too though it does make you dwell on the weirdness of your life when sat in a kayak waiting to be mown down by a tidal wave seems perfectly normal?

The Severn Bore is a Tidal wave that occurs near Gloucestershire on tides over 13 metres at the tidal port of Avonmouth in the Bristol Channel. A place famous for the second highest tidal range in the World!

It was still pretty dark when we got on the water, twilight, not full dark as the photo above suggests.
Jules assuming the toilet position after Jay mentioned that the Bore could get upto 7 feet in places today & run at 14 knots :oS
Jay & Jules hiding from the flow as we wait for the Wave.
I think this is nervous laughter as I play with the camera!
Getting Brighter as we here the distinct rumble from the horizon. I wasn't that nervous now, just keen to play.
If I knew then though what I know now I'd have been more concerned. Its may be a wave but its also a bloody wide stopper that keeps you pinned if you broach your kayak!
I'll let the video take over :)

After the madness of the wave we were left with a 10 mile paddle to the cars we left at the other end. It was a really easy paddle though as the tide really rips here!
The beautiful scenery & sunrise was the icing on the cake, we were all having an awesome day.
Though I was glad I had a sea boat for the milage, not that the short boats slowed the others down in the flood tide. Kates GPS showed a top speed of 11 knots.

We were all grinning like idiots at the end, especially me & Jules who were giggling like school kids who just saw the teachers knickers :D
Time to get dry, get fed & swap stories. I wont forget this paddle ever & I will most definately be back.
Another tick off the "bucket list".


  1. It was fun! And a good work out....

  2. Looked like fun Taran, I think you now hold the record for the worlds longest bongo slide ;)