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Sunday 9 December 2012

Sully Surf Session...

I was a bit of a lazy git yesterday, the conditions at sea were perfect for a big paddle but with the part time van driving job I'm doing at the moment, with regular 12 hour plus shifts I was content to sit on my arse & chill.

Today though I had to do something as I haven't paddled for a couple of weeks & that just sucks!
I decided to paddle from Sully & decide what to do whence there. After discussing the conditions with Gareth, my chaperone for the day, it was decided to go play in the race off Sully Island & just see what happens.
Nice & calm crossing the causeway but there was quite a bit of tide to ferry through.
Then straight out into the race for some fun. We're still on neap tides but can expect two knots of current & an F4-6 wind following the tide.
The waves are fab here, they rear up suddenly & cross each other frequently. Its a great place to practice some rough water skill's.
 Gareth riding high on a crest.
Enjoying the bumps heading out for another run. We both caught nice rides heading back in & I buried the front a couple of times on the steep waves, Gareth thought I was trying a new move I was leaning back so much (LOL) :D
I finished the day with a roll on both sides & a clamber on deck self rescue.
Was great paddling with Ga again. Wish I didn't have to wait till next weekend before I'm free to paddle again, Pembrokeshire maybe???


  1. I find that the camera always makes waves look smaller than they are in reality, those look mighty fine though, they must have been huge. You think you have it bad, i've had a provisional date of february for the repair to my boat.


  2. Always got a spare boat for you mate ;D