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Monday 10 June 2013

The Skerries...

Today I was up on Anglesey training for my 5 star assessment. Well I say training but it was actually a lot of fun & a journey i've wanted to do for a while.
I had planned properly & drew a vector diagram but it was still a jolly & in perfect conditions too :)
 Today I was paddling with Jan,
 & Steve. Steve's also preparing for the 5 star assessment.
 In the distance an iconic sea kayaking destination awaits :)

Its not far across the fast currents & we soon arrive at the Skerries. I was making mental notes on route as to how I can confirm my position on future trips out here as its an obvious 5 star journey.

 There was loads of amazing wildlife.
 Lots & lots of seals,
 More Seals
And Brian :oS
I evan saw a Lions Mane Jellyfish on the way out here :)
We weren't alone on the island. Apart from the resident wardens there was a yacht from Beaumaris.

Time for a break & a swim for the locals. I had more sense & had already swam in the morning anyway as pikey van trash like me have to keep clean somehow :)

After a fab explore & some skills practice we were back underway for the mainland & my mind was already drifting to the next paddle.

A fab day out with fab company, gotta love sea kayaking :)

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