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Saturday 18 May 2013

Nav Training...

With my upcoming 5 star assessment I thought I'd make the most of being in Pembrokeshire & do some training. Yesterday I did some rolling practice. A quick paddle out of lower town Fishguard & 7 rolls on each side & another not set up. It was flat calm but that was fine as I was just working on technique like I would in a swimming pool.

Today was nav practice day, again in lower town & then following the coast to the right. It wasnt going to be a big paddle, just enough to freshen my memory on some technique.
 All ready to go :)

So to get from the jetty to the first headland I need a distance measurement, 0.4 of a kilometre. I know from this & my ready reckoner (image below) that it will take me 3 minutes 24 seconds at 7KMH. Or thereabouts.
The general rule for pacing is 10 minutes per kilometre, this is based on a speed of 6KMH. Its nice & easy to work with at 6KMH but I rarely paddle that slow.

Next I need a bearing as I wont be hand-railing on this section. 10° in this case.
I use my deck compass to lead the way & happily my bearing & timing were perfect :)
All thats left now is to practice this a few more times as I make my way along the coast & make a note of things that could be improved.

So at the end of my brief paddle I could see three things that could be improved.
1. My ready reckoner gives the time in decimal, yes I have a converter on the ready reckoner but it would be more efficient if I edited & reprinted the reckoner to minutes & seconds.
2. I've got a habit of always taking a bearing but sometimes I should just hand-rail & follow the coast for the pre determined time.
3. The deck compass is a useful addition but I feel that a handheld compass on my skirt is easier to read & maintain accuracy.

I'll use these points on the next paddle :)

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