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Sunday 1 June 2014

Project Nordkapp, First Strokes...

So i'm finally getting my arse into gear & sorting this boat out after a very slow restoration!
 Here she is as I bought her, a Valley Nordkapp Racing L model, no hatches, no bulkheads, no foot pegs & no seat. A bare shell in fact with a huge cockpit thats designed for paddling with your knees together & sticking out, that would never do so I set about cutting out the cockpit & making a new one so she could be paddled like a traditional sea kayak. And what a sea kayak! The Valley Nordkapp is an icon of the sport & my boat dates back to the seventies when the Nordkapp was created & making its iconic status.
I'm really looking forward to paddling a legend!
 As I was driving to the beach I realised that she'd been stuck in the garage for three years so it was good just to have her on the roof rack.
 I wasn't taking her for a road trip though, we were going paddling & I wondered how long its been since she's been on the water?

She's not really finished yet as I haven't done much to the bottom hull other than fill some holes. There still no foot pegs or backrest & The seat is in but its not fixed but what the heck, I'm going for a play!
 And we're off, wooohoooo!
 I find her hard to control a little as I'm not locked into the kayak but at least I can get a feel for the kayak & a feel for where to put the seat & other fittings. She edges lovely! Who said these boats were tippy???
 I find a little tide race action to play in, only small but interesting when your not locked in!
 Smugness :)
 I refuse to be precious about my boat so its through the rocks I go!
 One of several stops on Sully Island as I experiment with seat adjustments.
 Really starting to get a feel for her now & I cant wait to get her fitted! Then I'll really see what she can do.
 I'm loving the clean bare deck. I only put a hatch on the rear.
 Looking Retro :)

 Time for a walk on the island in the lovely sunshine. Thats Steep Holm & Brean Down in the distance where I paddled to last weekend.
 Looking towards Lavernock.
 Lots of these critters about!
 I have to watch where I put my feet!
That was a really short paddle for me but it did the job & gave me the motivation to get her finished. 
As soon as the seat, pegs & backrest are fitted I'll be able to give her a proper introduction to the tides of the Severn Sea :)

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