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Monday 30 June 2014

Jacksons Bay Quickie...

With no work today & some lovely weather it seemed a good time to meet up with some friends for a bit of messing about in sea kayaks :)
Stuarts recently got into gimp'ism! To the uninitiated thats 'Greenland rolling' where it seems compulsory to wear rubber fetish gear?
Rather worryingly the fetish gear was on loan from moi!
We all met up At the old harbour at Barry with the intention to mess about with rolling & rescues.
Left to right we got Simon Ford, John Petty, Steve Pearce, Stuart Yendle & Chris Kitch :)
I'd brought my 1970's Valley Nordkapp project boat.
Simon brought his brand new Valley Nordkapp for its initiation to Poseidon.
As well as rubber gear Stuart also likes to paddle with a plank of wood, a pretty nice one admittedly :)
Conditions were perfect, could it be summer?
We soon round the two headlands to reach Jacksons Bay where our shenanigans commence.
Stu seems to want to add stick throwing to the list?
Its a fab spot to chill out here so we did.
I get in the water for some low camerawork.
A fab couple of hours & now just a gentle paddle back to the vans remaining :)

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