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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Caldey Island With The Cardigan Bay Kayakers...

I've been a bit light on blog posts recently as my paddling has been for work & those images are on my facebook page. It was work that brought me to Pembrokeshire this weekend as I was taking some clients paddling on the Friday, that left me with the weekend to play so I hooked up with the Cardigan Bay Kayakers for a splash around caldey Island :)
Bit of a Motley Crew as you can see!
It looked like being a laid back sort of paddle? 
So I got into the spirit of it too :)
We left from South Beach & thats St Catherine's Island that you can see.
As we set off we're still discussing the route? No one seems to know which way we're gonna go?
Finally it was decided to head to Lydstep first for some cave exploring.

I was a bit slow with the camera but this was a big Bull Seal.

The legend that is Mr Bunston fancies his chances!
And made it in one piece. Just moments after this it looked a whole lot more scary!
Sue peeking into one of my favourite caves.
Approaching St Margrets Island.
Where the caves are like cathedrals!

Passing the causeway between the two islands with Tenby in the distance.
St Margrets is an old quarry site & the building in the image above was from that time.
Nice small bit of surf to head through for our lunch.
Jane surfs to shore :)
Sandtop Bay for lunch :)
Back on the water & my Nordy mysteriously changes into an Epic?
I left the beach in my Nordy but JC thought a mid sea swappy'poos would be fun!
 I concur, tis good fun :)

Just to confuse matter further Steven above chose to swap with JC below. Everyone loves a Nordy I reckon?

There were swarms of huge Barrel Jells of Spur Island, really huge, dustbin size at least! Lots of Jellyfish stroking ensued :)
Nannas cave was proving popular.

Sue spotted these in the cave, anyone know what they are? They're about ping pong ball size & rubbery to the touch?
We headed back to St Margrets so as to complete a full circumnav,
Before heading back to Tenby :)
Was great to see the club members again & will try to join them more often...

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