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Saturday 6 August 2016

Isola di Tavolara Circumnavigation...

Hmmm, back to Tavolara again and I couldn't help dwelling on what a fantastic sea kayakers paradise I've gone and relocated myself too! Paddling a sea kayak is fun pretty much wherever you are but the coastline around Olbia is something else and I'm particularly found of Tavolara! Be it in a sea kayak or on foot hoofing my way up to its summit. Though even the foot option involves kayaking to get there so its a double bonus for me! :)
Today I was with Chris, paddling from Carla Finanza, out too and around Tavolara. Its a long trip at just over 13 miles (20KM) so I don't take novice kayakers around the island, but Chris is experienced so we were able to go right the way around this behemoth of an island!
Leaving Cala Finanza, a nice quiet natural harbour that makes the perfect launch site.
We were up reasonably early so the light was still lovely as we headed out onto the open sea.
We took a small detour out to a wrecked fishing trawler just for the fun of it!

We stopped on the West side of Tavolara for a little rest before continuing. We weren't tired but from here there is nowhere to get out until we complete the circumnavigation. This is partly to do with the vertical cliffs but also the fact that the military own the island and only allow access to the western side.
That summit you can see is 565 metres (1854 feet) high and the island is 3 miles (5KM) long and 0.6 miles (1KM) wide! It really is an impressive piece of Limestone!
The size of the cliffs are deceptive and make the distances look shorter than they really are? In reality the far end takes a lot longer to paddle to than you think it will. You'll be paddling nearly 7 miles (11KM) before you can land again!
There is a beach on the far end of the island but its home to some military buildings that control the ariels that are used for contacting submarines.
The far end of the island is every bit as beautiful as the rest of the island and has a wonderful surprise too!
A huge limestone arch known as Ulysses Bow.
When you put a kayaker in the picture the scale becomes obvious.

Carrying on and another surprise is just around the corner.
Theres a small cave that is accessible when the sea is calm.
And I just love caves!!!
Turning onto the South coast and things become very huge making you feel very small indeed! Just look at how small Chris looks in his little kayak!
This didn't stop him from jumping out for a snorkel though :)
And apparently it was bloody amazing!
After a couple hours of paddling we made it back to the beach we first stopped on before beginning the circumnavigation. Then we had it to ourselves but now it was bustling with tourists soaking up the sunshine that arrived on the regular tourists boats.
After a quick lunch we pack up and begin the short paddle back to Cala Finanza, tired but very happy :)
This really is a very special place to paddle so if you have some experience of sea kayaking why don't you get in touch and book a trip out to Tavolara. If your not experienced don't worry, we have many trips for novice kayakers too and you could use these trips as a stepping stone to building the experience you need to paddle to Tavolara with us!
Its easy to book and only €80 for a full day trip and flights are very cheap at the moment too, so get in touch at www.goseakayak.com 
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