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Thursday 24 January 2019

Magical Islands Adventure...

Sea Kayaking Excursions in Sardinia...

I love being a sea kayaker! It lets me do things that other people can only dream of, if of course they dream of paddling around secluded islands? Just having a sea kayak gives you an incredible sense of freedom that I love making the very most of! And where I live is an extraordinary place for a sea kayaker as the northwest of Sardinia has many secluded islands and rocks that invite the adventurous person to go and explore!
For this trip I had planned on a leisurly paddle around Isola di Molara & Molarotto, but as often happens I got carried away in my joy at just being on the sea in an Iconic kayak and made my journey a bit more interesting with a diversion across to Isola di Tavolara :)
I did say above that I was in an iconic kayak and thats because I'm paddling a Valley Nordkapp, a design that set the foundations for all modern sea kayaks and a kayak that has been in production since 1975 and is still going strong! It's such a pleasure to paddle and think of the history and adventures that these kayaks have had.
The paddle from the car to the start of the crossing to Molara is spectacular, with beautiful views all around.
The sea seems abound with Icebergs of the Mediterranean.
Though these Icebergs are made of Granite.
A very happy view for me! In my kayak heading out to my favourite Island, Isola di Molara. It's a lovely island and much quieter than the tourist traps of the Maddalena islands further north. It feels more exposed to the sea too as beyond it there is nothing but open sea till you reach mainland Italy. A long way off!
No other way to put it! Posing :)
The view from Molara back to the mountainous mainland.
The rock gardens of Molara.
From Molara I head to Scoglio Cerri, the tiny bump on the horizon directly ahead of my bow. Will take 20 minutes to reach them.
From Scoglio i Cerri I sight Molarotto in the distance, another 20 minutes.
The view back from Scoglio i Cerri to Molara on the left and Tavolara on the right is absolutely stunning!!!
I'm very happy to be out there in my kayak! The other name I use for these rocks is Tinkys Teeth as they look like two canines protruding from the sea when viewed from a distance.
This is Tinky, also known as Horton Antoneddu.
Approaching Molarotto. It was about here I starting thinking of extending my route!

From Molarotto (right) it is a 50 minute crossing to Tavolara (left). How could I resist in these conditions!
So after a lovely 50 minutes of the serenity that the open sea gives I find myself on the southern side of Tavolara, with it's extraordinary view stretching out for three miles before me.
Distracted by a strange animal noise I look up to see Goats on the almost sheer cliffs!

After three and a half hours of kayaking since landing on Molara, as there was nowhere to land. I finally reach the beach on the landward side of Isola di Tavolara. Tired and hungary but still posing!
This view of Tavolara shows how a long spit of land extends out from the main chunk of the island. A spit generous with both beaches and views.
I take time to look back at Molarotto in the far distance. Seen here between the islands of Tavolara and Molara.
I stop at the shipwreck for a classic pic of Tavolara.
And a final view of the island from my car after an epic days kayaking!
Here's the route of my paddle in this lovely part of Sardinia :)

Sea Kayaking Excursions in Sardinia...

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