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Thursday 8 September 2011

Project Nordkapp Part 5...

Hmmm, Project Nordkapp, remember that?
She's been on hold a few months now as I've been a bit busy but my desire to take her for a paddle is given me a kick up the arse.
I've now made & fitted the cockpit coaming & I made it a bit stronger too as I've heard plenty of stories about coaming repairs recently.
Oh, and it looks miles better than my first attempt :)

I've also ordered an 8" hatch for the rear deck, it came with the recess to fit onto my back deck but obviously a flat recess wont fit onto a curved deck so I had to make another recess to fit the recess, so my hatch would be flush mounted.

Finally I've started grinding out the cracks in the gel coat (not drawing Cheesestrings) & filling them. This is gonna take some time!


  1. Taran,

    I can't wait for the seal launch!


  2. Nice work, love the hatch recess!
    I still havn't had the nerve to do my keel strip!


  3. where did you get these. i am in new zealand please email me sammyrussek@gmail.com