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Monday 26 September 2011

Gone South...

On the 8th & 9th of October I will be doing my 4 star Sea Leader assessment with Sea Kayaking Cornwall so I decided to head South a few weeks early & get used to the bloody big surf down here.

Also to do some blogs as I ain't done many trips lately. I aint been sat on my arse though, I've been doing short trips for skills practice & rolling ready for my assessment.
View From Camp At Dawn...
Portreath Beach (Ready To Go)...

A Decent Swell...

Godrevy In The Distance...

At this point I put the camera away. I could see big messy swell on the other side of the Island, rather disconcerting.
Did I really have to go right around the Island? Hell Yeah!
After a tense few minutes looking over my shoulder for the next swell & also trying not to get too close to rocks I got around though I think I may have been pushing my luck?

A Good Spot For A Pee :)

 Back at Portreath, hope this don't get too messy
HMMM, looking towards the beach, a stiff offshore wind taking the tops off the waves. Amazingly I went in without catching a wave so I turned back around & played for a bit in the surf.

A Good day out...
An Image Of Godrevy Island That I Took A Few Years Ago...


  1. Don't like the look of that surf!

    Good luck for the assement.


  2. Taran,
    I'll second stewarts comments, how on earth did you manage to get through that surf, you must have used some jedi master tricks or something. Great blog and good luck with your 4 star.


  3. To Quote a Jedi, 'Fear Is My Allie'

    I back paddled on the big ones :)