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Monday 5 September 2011

Just For Fun...

WHOOPS!, How not to seal launch :)

Another short trip as I take Peter from the Glam Boaters (a Different Peter to last weekend) on a confidence building paddle.
I was looking mainly at just building on time on the water though we did do a little work on his paddling stroke (important in a sea boat). Other than that I just pissed about & went looking for waves :)
A lovely start, though I had the feeling the conditions would get worse as the wind turned against tide.
 All calm at Nells Point, hopefully this will change on the way back.
A quick rest and a few rolls at Jacksons Bay. Annoyingly my greenland roll that worked fine in the pool using a Roto Bat wouldn't work for me so I practiced my C Roll instead.
After an unintentional roll on the way out of Jacksons (Pissing about again) we continued towards Sully.
 Giving way at the entrance to Barry Dock.
It was getting lumpy at Bendricks Rock & the wind was building & soon to turn against the tide. Predicting rougher water & with a few races to pass I decided to abort Sully & head back just incase it got a bit too big for Peter. I've scared enough Glam Boaters recently (LOL).
Whilst Peter tried to stay out of trouble closer to shore I went wide & found some fantastic waves to pound through. At Bendricks I went into what looked like a good swell with three waves on it??? never seen that before.

Apart from some fun at Bendricks, Nells Point & Friars Point it was surprisingly calm on the way back (Grrrr). It was a good paddle & Peter did great & seemed to enjoy it too.
Time for a coffee ;D


  1. I quite liked the 'seal' launch!
    You'd better start saving up for a new boat though - ther'll be no bottom in it soon!- Lol


  2. Looked a good paddle. Sorry we couldnt make it!

  3. that seal launch brought a smile to my face!