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Tuesday 24 July 2012

First Day In Sardinia...

Just had a fab first day working for Clark at Sea Kayak Sardinia, well I say working but I took a back seat as I wanted to see how Clark runs things over here. I’ll be leading a group of clients tomorrow & looking forward to it :D

The trip over from the UK was was tough! I left on the Thursday night at midnight to catch the early morning ferry from Dover, checking in at 05:45. I managed an hours sleep waiting to board & got an hour on the ferry before continuing to drive through France. I did take another hours sleeop in the afternoon but generally just kept going :S
I finally called it a night at 20:30 at one of the many fab service areas.

Day two & up at 05:00. The Sat Nav hinted at an arrival time at the ferry port of Genova of 14:00 & boarding was at 18:30, I was leaving a good time buffer just in case.
Turns out I needed it, I finally found the port at 18:00 after a knightmare doing circles around Genova. After a restless night sleeping on the floor of a hallway on the ferry I finally arrived at Sardinia at 09:30 on Saterday & was feeling pretty smug. Bloody hot too :O
Time to go meet my new boss. This wasnt going to be easy as my phone didnt work over here 7 I had no adress, just a rough idea. Naturally I headed to where he suggested meeting which I managed to get wrong but luckily Clark just happened to see my van & came to say hi. Lucky result J

I spent my first night at a gorgous remote spot that Clark showed me & generally just chilled after my big journey, ready for work (can you call it work?) the next day.

We had four fab clients for my first days work, Olaf & Judith from Denmark & Matt & Desiree from the USA.
It was just a gentle paddle along an area of coast I know well from a previous visit here though I was cycling that time.

It was a great day out & I’m looking forward to leading tomorrows group, strange looking forward to work???

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