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Sunday 20 January 2013

Holm Is Where The Heart Is...

I knew Stuart would choose a naff blog title AGAIN! for his blog post using the play on words with the word Holm so I thought I'd out gimp him :)

Simple plan this one, 'lets get out to the Holm Islands in the snow'.
I arranged to meet Stuart At Sully for the day & Gareth & Andrew from the Sea Kayak Cymru FB page were coming too. They are both virgins to Flat Holm & Steep Holm.

I dusted the cobwebs off the Nordkapp for this trip & the snow too which took a little more persuasion to remove.
Leaving Sully we got about half a mile out & Andrew (who I didn't get pics of) decided his Nordy was a little twitchy & decided to call it a day. We escorted him back to Sully, had a quick conference & decided to scrap Steep holm & take the lazy option & head for just Flat Holm.
A quick & uneventful paddle saw us quickly approaching the Island.
Stuarts fingers appear to be frozen?

We were treated to a flying display from the two resident Peregrin Falcons.

Once on the Island Stuart was keen to warm up.

And heading for the farmhouse, cheeky :)
Was certainly warmer & good to chat to the wardens before heading off for an explore.
Gareths obviously chuffed to have bagged an Island.

                                      Looking toward Steep Holm.
                                                 Remnants of Summer.

                                         Did I mention it was cold?

Before long we were back on the beach & I had seal launching on my mind :D
Cheers to Stu for filming it.

                                Nice & lively through Castle Rock.

It was an uneventful paddle back & were soon back in Sully & racing to my van for some warm clothes to put on.
was fab to get out on the water with Gareth & Andrew at last & fab to break in another Island virgin :D

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