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Tuesday 23 April 2013

A Memorable Training Session...

The title says it all really, or does it? I just wanted to put some miles in in readyness for the Outer Hebrides expedition as I could be leaving any day now, just waiting on some lighter winds.
I do train daily for kayaking in general, pull-ups, push-ups & sit-ups but i think the very best kayaking training is actual kayaking, putting some miles in.

The weather was perfect so I planned an quick paddle out to ‘old faithful’, Flat Holm island, I just planned to do it a little faster than usual. I kept a smooth pace & made it from Sully to Flat Holm in 40 minutes, i can live with that.
I got there far too early for the turn of the tide to take me back, but I had planned this as I wanted some chill time on the island.
Did I mention the weather was perfect? I walked the island topless enjoying the strange feeling of sun on my skin. Just a couple of weeks ago I would have been cowering in my drysuit.
After a leisurely hour exploring I checked my watch & still had an hour & half to kill. Looking out East from the beach I saw a little temptress, Monkstone lighthouse just three miles off in the distance, yeah, why not J
I eased the pace a little heading to the lighthouse but still concentrated  on good paddling technique. I was soon there & scrambling up the ladder for a lunch stop with one hell of a view.
After about 20 minutes of  blissfull view admiration i set out on the final leg towards firstly to Lavernock Point three miles off, the sea’s were glassy by now & a wonderful heat haze was blurring the horizon. I was really enjoying my paddle & made Lavernock pretty quickly. From there It was a short hop to Sully & back to my van.
As training paddles go I’d have to say this was awesome & I’ll have a little more training tomorrow as I’m heading out with some of the Glam Boaters though I guess the pace will have to drop a bit.
The Coastguards were out as some numpties were trapped on Sully Island.
Said Numpties :)
Where better to be on a warm day?

Cardiff in the distance.
A fossilised sea bed.
Thr Gulls are back.
I think this was poo which goes to show that the crap we throw away gets ingested by the wildlife :(

This is Flat Holms water collection thingy that runs into a huge water tank.
Lunch stop number two.
hope this holds, would be embarrassing calling the Coastguard because my boat drifted off :oS

Bliss :)

Then a quiet paddle back...

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