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Sunday 14 April 2013

Strumble Head...

Today was the big one, a Pembrokeshire classic that every kayaker wants to do, the Bishops, clerks & Ramsey. Well that was the plan at least, drive to Whitesands to meet a group of local kayaker at 09:00 & paddle grinning from the shore in the gorgeous sunshine.
My van on the other hand at different plans & threw a flat battery at me to halt my plans :(

The day was too good though to not paddle so I walked my boat down the river in Lower town Fishguard with a new plan of to Strumble Head, a small cluster of Islets close to shore but surrounded by fierce overfalls that can make for a challenging paddle.
Today though the conditions were idyllic, I was hoping for some rough water around the Islets but I was being wildly optimistic!
Leaving the Harbour.
Basalt columns like the Giants Causeway in Ireland.
12:15, its late, must be leaves on the track!
Peek 'a" boo!
There she is, Strumble light :)
I do figure of 8's through the Islets having a bloody good explore.
Into little caves, never spotted these before.

I find a little bit of a beach for lunch, peanut butter sarnies :)
Bit shallow here but I was determined :)
I'm loving the paddle back & having a good explore.
I watch the ferry head back to Ireland from a cave.
And all too soon i'm back in Lower Fishguard. Not quite the trip I had planned but a bloody pleasant one all the same :)


  1. Great shots! What camera are you using for these? I use my gopro and camera phone but it's not great and I'd like a dedicated camera. If the camera falls in the drink that is bad luck. If the phone does then that's a big problem. :)

  2. Hi Jonathan, I use a Nikon AW100, its really not a bad piece of kit. As with most waterproof compacts it can struggle to focus when fully zoomed though its better than others I've tried. The exposure compensation button is handy too. There a pic on the equipment page of my blog ;)