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Monday 29 April 2013

Low Tide To The Holms...

Wednesday night at the pool Andy, the club coach suggested a trip out to the Holms the following day at low water, not something I do to often so I was well up for it despite the short notice.
I prepared to tidal plans & started the vector diagrams early in the morning but left the diagrams half finished so as to finish them off on the beach when we know what time we'll be hitting the water.
Today I was paddling with Andy & Andy, easy to remember :)
I worked the first vector out for a 45 minute period & this proved to be spot on, coming just 50 metres short of our landing site & on time.
The 50 metre shortfall did mean a quick push against Castle Rock against the flow but it was no problem & we didn't need to do it, it was just a preferance.
A quick break taking in the veiw of distant cardiff.
And on we go again.
We were 30 minutes behind my pre drawn vector diagram which meant that as the tide was dropping my angle would be generous, not really a problem & it did give a more beautiful view of Steep Holm.
Nearly there, this will be a first for the two Andy's
The spectacular view of the spit at low water as we make our way up onto the island. Shortly after this image we were evicted by the wardens & felt like chastened schoolkids :(
Back on the water & heading for Flat Holm. Its slack tide as planned so no vectors needed.
Andy approaching middle buoy. To be accurate its more like 60% of the distance from Steep Holm so we're getting there nicely.
We found a little chop & some tide as we approached Flat Holm.
And head in for a quick break before the final slog back to the mainland.
Andy passing what I think is called Cardiff West Buoy, its on the correct side for our route anyway :)
I enjoyed the paddle back & went into sprint mode for the last 10 to 15 minutes as I paddle hard for shore enjoying the tension in my muscles & focusing on technique. its good to focus & zone out.

An awesome paddle, cheers to the Andy's for the company...

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