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Friday 17 May 2013

Rolls & Swims...

The title says it all with this one. I wanted to practice some rolls & swim landings.
I met up with Noel at Sully for what was to be an interesting morning.
As you can see the rolls went well, it was the swim landing that got interesting & became more dynamic.
I was doing ok swimming my boat in to shore on my tow line, it was hard work & just as |I was getting to the rocks I glanced back to see Noel swimming, that certainly wasnt in the plan!

I had planned to land on the rocks the when ready swim my boat back out & do a self rescue, a clamber on deck. With the new incedent I chose to drag my boat quickly to me, ignore the water in the cockpit & hop in between swells & paddle out to get Noel. I had to just chuck my towline into the boat which wasnt ideal but it all went well & |I was soon at Noels side ready to sort him out.
as it happens Noel decided to do a re-entry & roll which he pulled off nicely. A quick pump out & Noel was good to go.
I quickly did a rocky landing to empty my boat & stow the towline & I was ready too.

After that impromptu fun we then headed off to Lavernock Point to find some rougher water to play in. I wasnt big but it was entertaining enough as the pic below shows :)
A fab morning on the water...

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