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Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Witches Cauldron...

After working in Pembs & telling my GF how good it was here I obviously had to impress her once in the area so I took her for a short trip & a picnic in the Witches Cauldron, an easy paddle with lots of WOW!
We headed out from Ceibwr Bay & turned right,
towards the stacks & caves that make this place very special!
With tunnels to paddle through.
And jellyfish to see.

Then into the cauldron itself.
This is my fave spot & i'm glad the tide was high enough to paddle in & show Carly this magic spot :)
Then into a more hidden chamber with the tight entrance.
The other paddler is Alun from Cheshire. We bumped into him on the water as he was looking for the entrance to the Cauldron. Its easy to miss :)
We stayed in the Caudron for several hours just chilling out & scoffing yummy Vegan food.
Carly was keen to do some snorkelling, pretty hardcore I reckon, the water was freezing!

A perfect lunch spot :)
Then back on the water for some more exploration of the cave. This tunnel only opens as the tide drops.

we saw loads of these critters, Moon Jelly's

More Moons
A Lions Mane Jelly
And Compass Jelly's. We also saw Blue Jelly's, Comb Jelly's & Sea Gooseberries too.
We passed more tunnels on the way back, this one was un-passable at HW.
Lots of beadlet anemone's too.

We finished with a fantastic deep cave in Ceibwr Bay itself :)
Just need to find more fab locations for my lovely lady. Im being nice as she's sat next to me reading over my shoulder (lol).

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