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Sunday 10 November 2013

Crash Test Dummies...

This short trip was inspired by Chris & John from my local club the Glam Boaters. Their rolls was coming on were in the pool so they fancied trying it outdoors & in some rougher conditions. The outdoors part was easy, the conditions were idyllic though & not as forecast?
Another Chris & Sean were joining us too, tempted by the elusive bumpy conditions?
Ready for the off but we're a boat short? Wheres Chris from the club? late as usual I guess :p
We headed out of Watchtower Bay about 20 minutes before high water & made our way around Friars Point & headed into Barry Island for a wee surf!

Oh, whats occurring? the surf really was wee but i managed a capsize trying to back-surf (LOL). 
The plan was to let the ebb pick up speed & head to the race off Nells point as its usually quite tasty an hour into the ebb. Not today though, flat as hell! But we did practice some rolls & rescues there too & informed the Nells Point Coast Watch of our intentions to avoid them calling the Coast Guard!
So we pull into Jacksons Bay for some fun :)
Before a gentle paddle back thoroughly soaked :)

Just a short route, there & back but a lot of fun :)

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