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Friday 1 November 2013

Open Relationships...

So I was meeting up with Noel today & he was going to introduce me to his new lady, a tiderace xtra HV, not sure what the HV says about her?
Anyway being a liberal minded person I was hoping he'd not be the jealous, possessive type & let me take his lady for a ride? :)
We met at Penarth & took one car to the Knap so as to do a one way trip with the wind & tide! Always a good idea.
The new lady was looking good & raring to go!
 Smuggius Giticus!
 'Whats occurring?' as we pass Barry Island.
 Passing Barry Harbour.
Then onto Sully where we hope to finally find some action!?
 I should have had some kick ass pictures here as we both nearly got pasted in the tide race off Sully Island!
I asked Noel the switch my go pro on & paddle just off my stern as we headed through the race but Noel set the wrong function on the camera so no pics.
Instead all I got was this snap in the calmer race off the back of the Island.
 We stopped for lunch & giggled like schoolgirls over the kicking we had in the race. The waves were only 3-4 feet but they were steep, breaking & crossing each other, thats why its my fave local tide race :)
 Noel contemplating another run through the race? maybe?
 He played it safe & let me go play by myself, this time with the camera on the right setting!
It was smaller this time though but still fun :)
 After my play I met Noel on the water & we headed for Penarth. The Rannies race was flat so no more action shots there.
 The paddle to Penarth was uneventful! evan the sun came out. That wasn't forecast?
 Landing at Penarth & I finally got my hands on his new lady when Noel had his back turned :)
She's a big girl & her hips are hard chined but she edged lovely which i didn't expect. She felt pretty quick too & rolled nice & easy. I'd love to paddle her in the rough stuff, maybe next time?
       On dropping Noel back to his car we were treated to a gorgeous sunset!
A perfect end to a very pleasant day :)
Our route from the Knap to Penarth on the flood tide.


  1. Ooops sorry about the camera thing, you'd have caught some cracking pics in that race. Fab paddle though, really enjoyed myself.

  2. Was a good day mate, glad you could make it :)