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Friday 18 July 2014

Double Trouble & Dodgy Selfies...

 So here we are at last, the first shakedown of one of the new Go Sea Kayak doubles, A Perception Horizon. My stooge (co Pilot) was Chris Evans & we were meeting up with Steven Hayward too, a Londoner ;) ;)
 Hmmmm, Should be interesting, a bath tub against a speed machine? 
As it happens that bath tub was pretty quick & a lot of fun!
 Shhhhh! dont tell him I'm not paddling :D
We left Penarth on a guestimate bearing to cross the tide to Monkstone Lighthouse 3 miles offshore. From there we would follow the dying ebb tide a further 3 miles to Flat Holm before finally returning to the lair of the landlubbers on the mainland.
 Steve flying out of Penarth in his Epic.
 Thats right Chris, just keep paddling!
 We couldn't resist rounding the buoy even if we did have some foul tide to get there.

 You never know what people are doing behind you, (LOL).
 Dont look down! Actually Steve is a climber so wasn't bricking it as much as me. I'm not a fan of heights at all but some experiences have to be grasped with both hands, literally in this case!
 Its a long way down!
 Chris was feeling sick just looking up (LOL).
 Steve trying not to scratch the Precious! ;)
 By now I figured that if I couldn't see the landing beach coz Evo's big head was in the way then I must be on target!
 The arch at Castle rock where we normally paddle through, but not today.
 Didn't spot any wardens today but there were some locals :)

 The old cholera hospital with lighthouse in the background.
 I'm rather impressed by this new boat! According to Steve's GPS we're averaging 4 knots easy enough & I'm having fun trying to tip Evo out of the boat :)
 Leaving Flat Holm for the final 4.5 miles back to the mainland.
 When we get there we decide to have some fun!
 A wee rolling sequence, well I came up minus 1 (LOL). He Chris said he pushed me up but I ain't so sure? ;)
Seriously one of the best days on the water in a long time :)
Thanks to Evo & Steven for coming out to play!
Our Route, about 10.5 miles......

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